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Salmon Fishing on the Kenai River

Updated: Apr 29, 2021

Alaska in known for many things such as a wild untamed backcountry, Massive mountain ranges and an abundance of wildlife from majestic bald eagles to mighty brown bears. For the lovers of outdoors, this great state is a playground fit for anyone from mountain climbers to sports fisherman. The almost 2,000,000 visitors that travel to Alaska, From May through September, are treated to an experience that will electrify all their senses. One of the most popular activities in Alaska is to go sport fishing. From the deep-sea halibut boats out of Homer to the countless lakes and rivers for fish such as trout, pike and Salmon.

In Alaska the 6 months between May and October gives a window of good weather that allows locals and the massive influx of tourists a chance to get out and go fishing, and one of the most sought-after types of fish is salmon. You’ll have your choice of many different species of salmon such as Pink, Chinook, Chum, Coho and Sockeye it’s all a matter of when and where you decide to go. If you are staying close to Anchorage and decide to fish the Kenai River you can catch Coho, King, Sockeye and Pinks anytime between May and October. If you are looking to fish a specific type of salmon such as Kings or Sockeye, July seems to be the best month for the largest runs. Just to give a perspective of the amount of fish that can enter this river, on one July day more than 230,000 Sockeye had entered the Kenai River to make their run upstream.

With That amount of fish in a river it may seem like you just go out and throw a line in the river and within minute you should be at your daily limit.As any good fisherman knows, that will not be the case.Some commonsense things to remember before heading out to fish in Alaska, make sure you have your permit for the days you will be fishing, most sporting good stores and outfitters will be able to provide you with one for each fisherman. Next, dress warm and bring water resistant clothing. In Alaska July doesn’t always mean warm dry days, they can be rainy and very cold. So, make sure you are prepared for that.Lastly, find a good guide to take care of the rest for you.They will pick the right correct rigs to use and bring you to great locations while helping you with proper fishing techniques.This will help you make the most of your fishing trip.A personal recommendation for a fantastic guide is Mike Adams of Alaskan Angling Adventures (, we were 3 less than experienced salmon fisherman but Mike helped us catch or limits a feel like we really knew what we were doing while having a great time on the river!

Tamron Lenses used:

SP15-30mm Di VC USD D2

28-75mm Di III RXD

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